Vendor Programmes

How does a vendor finance programme work?

  • Adamantean will provide the expertise, knowledge and support to create a unique sales-aid finance programme to meet the needs of your business – mindful that every vendor has unique requirements.
  • When you or your channel partners are engaging with a key customer, involve Adamantean as early as possible to work with you to structure a suitable financial solution which meets the customer’s budget constraints and your pricing requirements. We will also confirm whether we can approve finance for your customer on the proposed structure. If the decision is positive, you can close the deal with all parties knowing how and when payment is going to be made. When the finance documentation is signed and the equipment delivered, Adamantean will ensure the sales invoice is settled immediately, reducing your debtor-management
  • Adamantean takes care of all the customer administration from then on, keeping you informed when the customer reaches pre-agreed technology-refresh points, when we can agree a joint approach to make the customer’s upgrade experience smooth and simple