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An experienced and commercially focused finance company, partnering with business leaders to achieve our clients’ objectives. With our broad panel of commercial lenders, banks and finance companies we can offer a choice of flexible and cost-effective solutions to your business funding requirements, adding value by helping you efficiently identify and source the best option.


The Team

Sharing a desire to put the customer first and nurture the long-lasting relationships developed over the last 25 years, the Directors were eager to step away from a corporate environment that lacked the necessary empathy and establish a business that would ensure both sides of any deal were left satisfied on completion.

Gareth Wilding

Managing Director

Duncan Payne


Joanne Gaydon

Operations Manager

Adrian Langford

Non-Executive Director


A Key Part Of Your Operation

Trust us to add value to your capital investment projects by sourcing and matching the most appropriate and cost-effective funding solution. Out-source the inconvenience and frustration of finance applications and allow us to compare all available options as part of your team. We believe we will provide you with options you would otherwise be unaware were available.


With over 75 years’ collective history in capital finance solutions, you will be well served by the deep and broad experience of a management team who have completed finance contracts with an aggregate value exceeding £200m in the last 10 years.


When arranging financial products we will inevitably need to request a lot of detailed, confidential and, in some cases, personal information along with supporting documentation. Adamantean is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) under reference ZA221459 and complies with all obligations under the Data Protection Act.

While the Act only extends to the handling of personal data you can also be assured of our integrity when it comes to all sensitive company data. Our reputation is paramount.


With all that experience we are able to provide pragmatic, commercially focussed advice. Not every deal requirement is the same, so we are used to adapting to challenging circumstances and managing the expectations of all parties to ensure everyone’s satisfaction.

Cost Effectiveness & Competitiveness

We understand that capital investment is a significant business decision where the most appropriate solution must also be cost-effective. The pricing of our services will bear the scrutiny of any competitive comparison.

Ultimately we know we are only as good as our last job, and we believe the extensive list of testimonials from satisfied clients is the best endorsement of our quality and value.

What our clients say

  • Gareth is knowledgeable in both the finance and media fields, with an excellent understanding of our industry. Most importantly he is personable and utterly professional, and I value our working relationship, I would recommend him without a moments notice.

    Thomas Urbye
    Owner, The Look – Post Production Facility
  • Gareth is a consummate professional, a superb networker and a trusted colleague. He knows the media and broadcast television business very well and combines that with his knowledge and expertise in financing to provide a highly personal, expert service for his clients. Gareth is highly regarded in the broadcast television industry and rightly so.

    Mike Silverman
    President of Kaldalind ehf
  • Once again we had superb service. We were under considerable time pressure to close the deal, and Sam pulled out the stops to make it happen. They have always understood our needs and requirements. Sam made the finance process very smooth and easy.

    Jeremy Braben
    MD Helicopter Film Services
  • I have built a relationship with Sam over the years, she understands what I’m talking about and what I need. It gives me the confidence to commit when I get a call for my availability.

    Neil Harvey
    Director of Photography
  • We work with Samantha Arlow who is always very helpful. She has very good knowledge of the industry and the technology involved, which makes things very easy.

    John Brennan
    Group CEO, Procam
  • Gareth has proved consistently that he can deliver. Whether it be a complex, innovative solution that’s needed, or a highly competitive marketplace offering, he’s managed to make it work. I can confidently recommend him and his team.

    Adrian Clark
    Vide President Sales – CISMEA, Epson Europe B.V.
  • Gareth is solutions orientated with a considerable level of knowledge and experience of the post-production industry. I have worked with Gareth on numerous occasions over the past fifteen years and hope to do so for many more years to come.

    Steve Luther
    Finance Director, Evolutions
  • Sam’s understanding of the equipment plus their access to the most competitive rates is a winning formula.

    Helen Cardrick
    Group Chief Commercial Officer, Procam
  • I’ve known Duncan for over 15 years and he has a great knowledge and passion for our industry. He is a trusted contact and shares our drive for delivering a first class service.

    Mike Ransome
    CEO, Presteigne Broadcast Hire
  • We’ve had various finance packages over the years but our experience with Duncan was fantastic. Duncan was brilliant, the transaction was fast, smooth and easy. We hope to work with him again in the future, I think it could be the start of a great partnership.

    Stuart Perkins
    Cue Media
  • The whole experience was a doddle. Duncan is clearly close to the reseller, so the supply and finance was seamless, and it helps that they know the kit too. Overall it was as painless and easy as borrowing money can ever be.

    Jeff Brown
    Brownian Motion
  • It was important that they understood what we needed to do and why we needed to do it. We knew that we could go to Gareth and he would see the bigger picture. That counts for even more than rates in the long run.

    Duncan Foot


Empowering Your Business

We understand the importance of providing solutions, rather than simply advice, ensuring the correct agreement empowers our clients to maximise their commercial opportunities.

Available finance agreement types are many and varied, each with different characteristics. Adamantean can further tailor any facility to meet a customer’s specific requirements, matching the terms of the agreement to the equipment to be funded.

In most cases, you decide on the equipment that you want to acquire from the supplier of your choice. Once we have confirmed underwriting approval, and agreed terms with you, Adamantean will prepare the relevant finance documentation for you to sign, and arrange for the supplier to be paid directly once your equipment has been satisfactorily delivered.

We have access to a broad panel of finance partners, and a wide range of funding options, so we are confident of providing the right solution for you.

Lease Purchase (or HP)

An instalment credit facility to finance the acquisition cost of specified equipment over a fixed term – usually two to five years – where the repayments include capital and interest. The rate of interest is fixed from the beginning so you may accurately budget your costs. Repayments might be monthly or quarterly (or even annually) and we can even structure seasonal payments so that they are lower during periods when your business is forecasted to be less busy.

VAT on cost of equipment is usually payable with the first instalment or deposit.

When all the instalments have been paid, title in the equipment will pass to you on payment of an option to purchase fee.

Key benefits:

  • Fixed repayments
  • Interest rate is fixed for ease of budgeting
  • VAT is recovered through your VAT return
  • Seasonal payment options if agreed in advance
  • You may claim tax benefits of ownership, subject to your tax status.

Finance Lease

Finance leasing is a fixed cost rental facility which may suit a customer who cannot recover the VAT element of the deposit required under a Hire Purchase agreement or doesn’t want the tax benefits of ownership.

After paying rentals (subject to VAT) over an agreed term, called the primary period, the lessee has three options:

  1. The equipment can be returned to the lessor;
  2. You may continue to lease the equipment, for secondary (usually annual) rentals;
  3. You may sell the equipment as the agent of the lessor to a third party not related to your business whereupon you would receive a pre-agreed percentage of the net sale proceeds.

Key benefits:

  • VAT is not payable in full with the deposit
  • By not owning the equipment the tax treatment may be more beneficial (subject to your tax status)
  • You have the option to return equipment at end of primary term with no further liability.

Sale and HP back

You may need to make an investment in your business which is not appropriate for an asset finance solution, and which would not be suitable to be funded using an overdraft facility. If you have unencumbered assets (equipment without outstanding finance or lien) you may consider entering into a sale and hire purchase back agreement. In simple terms, we agree a value for which you sell the equipment to the lessor, you sign some simple documentation and receive payment for the agreed advance.

Where equipment has been purchased within the last 90 days and is free of any financial encumbrance we may be able to refinance it for the full purchase price paid.

Key benefits:

  • You own the equipment at the end of the Agreement
  • You still have tax title to the equipment for accounting purposes
  • No initial payment or deposit
  • Simple documentation
  • Often no additional security is required
  • No legal fees

Operating Lease

A rental facility offering cash flow benefits, and which matches the lease term to your projected utilisation of the equipment. The rentals are calculated on a discounted figure arrived at by deducting the future (residual) value from the purchase cost of the equipment. This product is particularly suited to equipment which may require regular upgrading to ensure you are always using current technology.

At the end of the lease term you simply return the equipment to the lessor and enter into a new agreement for the next generation of equipment.

Key benefits:

  • Cash flow certainty through fixed rentals
  • Off balance sheet facility
  • Rentals fully allowable against taxable profits
  • Return equipment at end of lease term with no hidden extension terms
  • Match usage of equipment to lease term.

Receivables finance

If you are a vendor supplying high-value goods, software licences, or services to your customers on extended credit terms or an instalment payment basis under a formal written finance agreement, we can improve your cash flow by purchasing the finance agreement and accelerating your Sarbanes-Oxley-compliant revenue.

We can take the credit risk on your customers and we will also manage the collection of the customer instalments allowing you to concentrate on making more sales.

Going forward, by introducing Adamantean at the point of sale, we can provide such a funding facility to ensure that you are paid promptly on delivery.

Invoice Finance

Managing cashflow is essential to the success of any business. If you find yourself waiting to be paid for the work you’ve done, goods you’ve sold or are spending more time chasing late payments from customers, Invoice Finance can help, allowing you to manage your cashflow more efficiently and concentrate on running of your business.

This product is ideal if your business has customers on long payment terms, or who often pay late. They all create a cashflow gap when it comes to paying your staff and suppliers while waiting for your invoices to be paid. The great benefit of invoice financing is that it enables your working capital facilities to grow in line with your sales. It can also provide a solution if your business wants to take on new projects without taking on additional debt.

Essentially invoice finance comes in two products:

i. Factoring: you benefit from funding and outsourced credit control.
ii. Invoice Discounting: you benefit from funding whilst maintaining credit control.

Both products can also come with Bad Debt Protection.

Vendor Programmes

If you are a manufacturer of equipment, or a software house, your customers may have restraints on capital budgets which restrict the amount of equipment they are able to buy from you, or perhaps you would like to encourage them to accelerate the timing of their capital expenditure. Adamantean can tailor a vendor finance programme that will:

  • Increase your sales by offering your customers a finance facility designed to meet their specific requirements
  • Overcome customer price objections by offering an alternative, additional and supplementary method of finance
  • Enable you to stay in control of your customers’ buying decisions



Unsecured loan structures are only available to investment-grade clients and enable suppliers to offer a simple payment structure in conjunction with their own supply agreements or managed services contracts. Terms can be bespoke to meet the specific requirements of individual customers.

The loan, a simple one page agreement, has been approved for use by some of the UK’s largest corporations and public sector bodies, and is often used in support of supplier-subsidised customer solutions, usually with interest-free payment instalments.

Managed Service Contract

As technology continues to evolve at an ever-accelerating pace, equipment suppliers are recognising the mutual benefits available from offering their customers a managed services solution, comprising either a fixed or variable periodic charge which incorporates the provision of equipment, software and services, and can include maintenance, support, installation and training.

The directors of Adamantean have more than 20 years’ experience of funding such contracts employing non-recourse funding products which may (or may not) be disclosed to the customer. Such contracts can enable suppliers to gain a revenue and profit recognition advantage.

The Muse

Welcome to the Adamantean Blog

What our clients say

  • He understands both the equipment and the nature of my job, with its crazy hours – you can’t ring your bank manager on a Sunday afternoon when he’s having lunch with his Dad, which is what I did to Duncan!

    Will Pugh
    Freelance cameraman
  • Their industry knowledge is definitely an advantage and they demonstrated a flexible and accommodating approach to the financing, working with the supplier and Telegenic to reach an agreement within what turned out to be a pretty tight schedule.

    Peter Bates
    MD Telegenic
  • Gareth helped with the financial planning, but also by being in tune with the market and understanding the business very well. Dealings were always very transparent, there was no smoke and mirrors, and there was no need to make anything more complex than it needed to be.

    Andrew Hale
    Keyboard player, songwriter, Sade
  • Gareth is more of a realist and advisor and is very clear about the deal rather than you having to spot the small print. He has not tried to take unfair advantage and always got us a good deal.

    Anshul Doshi
    EVP, Corporate Development, Prime Focus
  • I was very impressed at the speed with which things were agreed and moved forward. Gareth completely understood the nature of the finance we were looking for had a very good knowledge of the Audio and Post industry and its equipment requirements and was able to put together a package that suited us in no time at all.

    Richard Boote
    MD Strongroom/AIR Studios
  • It has always been a pleasure dealing with Sam, who is very helpful and professional to deal with. In enabling us to add the AMIRA to our inventory Sam allowed us to take a decisive step forward in satisfying the requirements of new and prospective clients.

    Mark McCarthy
    MD, Sparky Films
  • I can’t overstate how well Sam looked after me, she explained everything from start to finish and was all over every detail. It was really smooth and easy, and I credit Sam for that.

    David Morgan
    MD, Steadipro Services Limited
  • Sam has been great, and literally goes the extra mile – it can be hard to get all the directors in one place, so for one deal she met us on Brighton Beach to get all the required signatures!

    Ali Clarke
    Finance Director, Cloudbass
  • Samantha Arlow provided a fantastic service to our company. Experienced and extremely knowledgeable in her understanding of specialist A/V equipment and financing options, Sam guided me through what could have been a complicated process with consummate ease. Highly, highly recommended.

    Adam Birkett
    CEO, UTC Events
  • Having worked with Gareth over the last couple of years I can confidently say we will work together in the future. He provides a detailed, realistic and personable no nonsense service. Whilst we work in an ever changing business sector Gareth is able to provide results quickly and efficiently.

    Peter Welch
    GBCT, Digital Imaging Consultant, Warner Bros. Studios
  • I’ve dealt with Duncan ever since we started funding equipment purchases for our hire inventory back in 2011. His knowledge and expertise, not just in equipment finance, but the wider broadcast market is always useful and informative. He makes the process easy, and has helped me grow my business.

    Patric Ralston
    MD and owner, FAVA Rental
  • I’ve known Duncan for over 10 years, and he’s helped me with all of my equipment financing. In my line of work I need someone that I can trust to get the job done. That’s why I deal with Duncan.

    Jonathan Young
    Freelance Cameraman
  • Duncan understand the peaks and troughs you can get in this industry which made it even easier to do this deal.

    Stuart Graham
    Freelance DoP


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