If you had to sum up your business in a single word what would it be?

If you had to sum up your business in a single word what would it be?

Quite a challenge isn’t it? You want your mission statement to encompass all that you do, probably across multiple disciplines and definitely across a varied customer base; so could you distil it down to just……one……. word??

I recently had this concept thrust upon me as I was trying to give my ‘elevator pitch’ to a prospective new customer and had no time for a protracted debate or ‘phone a friend’. I had to think on my feet! I opened my mouth to respond and without hesitation I said ‘Flexible’.

Now upon reflection pretty much every finance company ever will have used the ‘Fast, Flexible Finance’ line at some point – its’ nice alliteration – and you can of course add another F at the start if you’re having the conversation in the pub rather than the boardroom!

However, the more I ponder how better I could answer the question, the more convinced I am my first answer was the right answer.

Over the past couple of months, Adamantean has arranged a consortium of funders to undertake a £1.8m studio refit, funded numerous new start businesses, some buying used kit; financed a new joint purchase of a camera kit by two freelancers, paid for over £2m of kit for a customer prior to it shipping from the U.S and China and refinanced £250k of owned assets with a next day turnaround – whilst both kit and customer were out of the country. Now that’s flexible!

We’ve met with customers to sign up documents in random locations from a Toy Fair at Excel to Wembley Stadium and we’ve even undertaken a customer/credit meeting at the Eastern end of the Jurassic coast at 3pm on a Friday afternoon – admit it, there’s not many corporate bods that would do that!

Yes, I think I can safely and proudly say that Adamantean is most definitely ‘Flexible’.

So, if you feel like there’s too many hoops to jump through or are struggling with a scenario similar to one of the above, give us a call – We’ll bend over backwards to help you!



Samantha Arlow