Are you talking to a decision maker?

Are you talking to a decision maker?

A new business needs to play to its strengths. Fairly obvious. And true for any business, but more so for a business in its infancy.

How often will you be asked by the person you called if they can call you back once they gain the knowledge or authority to give you an answer? I’m guessing quite a lot, because it happens to me too.

And herein lies perhaps our greatest strength…when you deal with Adamantean, I guarantee that you’ll be engaging with a knowledgeable decision-maker, because Sam, Gareth and I own the business.

So if you want to know what your options are for financing your next purchase (or your last one come to that) give us a call and try us out. We’ve all been around a little while and we know what we’re talking about.

Also, as it’s our business, we’ll generally pick up your call out of hours / weekends / bank holidays etc etc when the rest of the world has its feet up. Our media industry doesn’t fit around a 9-5 culture, and nor do we.