Tech ‘too costly’ for almost half of UK SMEs

It was recently reported in a study conducted by the 2018 International Business Festival, that 45% of small and medium sized businesses in the UK think upgrading technology is beyond their current spending power.

This is a very disappointing statistic, as an inability to adopt the latest technologies could seriously impact business growth prospects.

It is often the case that Investment in newer technologies can bring lower operating costs as well as improving collaboration and productivity. Currently 2 out of 3 UK workers say outdated technology hampers them in the execution of their work.

Yet only 20% of the businesses surveyed plan to invest in technology in the next three years.

But it needn’t be a case of budget over the benefits to the business. Adamantean is experienced in financing the latest cutting edge technologies and can work with you to find a solution that makes technology investment affordable right now.

With the exponential pace of technology change, who knows how far behind your business might be if you let another three years pass!