4 More Reasons Why

By now you all know what Adamantean does. Some of you will be existing customers already. Some will be potential customers considering financing your next equipment purchase and some of you will think it’s useful to know we’re here, but finance is probably not for you.


If you fall into either of the latter camps, read on; as I have put together a collection of brainworms that just might get into your head and change your thinking:

  • If your kit is earning more than it costs every month the surplus is potential profits earnt from day 1 (as long as you don’t spend it all on fancy coffee machines and Jaffa cakes before your year end).
  • If the initial outlay is lower (often just 1 rental and some vat) you can buy more kit. More kit = more revenue potential = more Jaffa cakes.
  • Keeping cash in your business rather than tied up in equipment means you have more flexibility to weather storms or take opportunities as they arise or buy that fancy coffee machine (and we can finance that too!)
  • If you ‘just buy kit outright’ can this continue as your business grows and you need more kit more often? It may be prudent to finance some smaller purchases now, so that when you suddenly need a larger sum, you’ve already built up a credit history; which will not only make it easier and quicker to secure the finance you need, but it’ll likely come at a lower interest cost too. (not exactly sure how this translates to coffee and confectionary, but I guess you could relax and enjoy a celebratory Jaffa Cake when your finance is speedily approved!)